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Stavanger KickOff AS will treat information concerning. Customer and the conditions we had to get access to confidential.

Transport (in the Stavanger region)
For transportation of personnel and goods in connection with courses / events outside our own premises are billed an additional Get. 1200, – (transport / packing / rigging)

Travel expenses (out of Stavanger region)
Coverage of all travel expenses as air and rail, overweight / shipping, hotel stays, km allowance and personal expenses in accordance with specified travel expenses and copies of vouchers billed customer.
Subsistence allowances for government rates. Hourly rate under reconstruction by appointment.

Invoices can be sent to companies in agreement with 14 days payment terms unless otherwise agreed. After the due date rate of 8.75% p.a. Reminder fee of NOK 60, – calculated if payment reminder should be sent. Invoice fee kr. 60 ex VAT.

You can also use a giftcard for the payment. Remember that you can use only one card per booking.

Cancellation of the event date at least 21 days prior to implementation, for this is billed 50% of the agreed delivery. If canceled later than 10 days prior to implementation billed 100% of the agreed delivery.

Correction in number of participants
Finkorrigering in the number of participants (1-3 pers) can be done within 7 days before event.
It is this number which is invoices According pantel. Paragraph 3-14 and 3-22, our company has a lien in goods delivered until the purchase price is paid in full.

larger event
At larger events may be billed 50% of the agreed fee / order with maturity later than one week prior to implementation. The remainder is invoiced after the completion IHH to payment terms.

private customers
It is not given credit to private individuals.

Mandate of popcorn machine

Poppcornmaskinen is twofold and can therefore easily transported. The machine has three functions:

TURN – For popping poppcorn
HEAT – For popping poppcorn
HEATING LIGHT – To keep poppcornet hot

Poppcorn & liquid melange can be bought at all supermarkets. Optionally we can deliver this. See price at home.
1. Turn on all machine functions.
2. Take a good layer of liquid melange or oil in the pan.
3. Pour in poppcorn in the pan until it covers the bottom.
4. Close the cabinet.
5. When the pan is full turned it down so poppcornet fall out.

After using the machine must be completely drained for poppcorn.
It used warm water and cloth to wipe down the inside of the machine and possibly outside.
Hash loops and washed.
Shall soap or Zalo used the machine must be washed over with water afterwards.

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