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Rent the Popcorn Machine

We rent out our popcorn machine to individuals, malls or businesses. It’s incredibly fun to watch the popcorn fly, and that’s a big hit with young and old.

Rental of the machine itself: NOK 2500, – incl VAT

– Shipping: 1200, – incl VAT.
– POPCORN CUP: $ 2 per piece incl VAT

– Maarud large popcorn 400 g = 71, – per package incl VAT
– Flytende melange 450 g = Kr 59, – incl VAT
– Seltin mineral salt: 550 g = 54, – incl VAT

Should the popcorn machine transported:
Kr 1200, – incl VAT for our guidance.
Additional costs for long travel.

* Read the instructions for the correct use of the machine in conditions

Rent the slush machine

Kr 2995, – incl VAT

– The slush machine has 3 tanks that hold 12 liters of finished slush
– We have three different flavours: blue raspberry, cola and strawberry
– Freezing in short time
– Dimensions (cm): 60x50x84
– Weight: 70 kg
– Power consumption (Watts): 560

Taste in addition to price. It is also possible to buy slush premix or whole jugs.

Price pr. jug kr 590 incl VAT.
(Provides 25 liters of finished sheet slush) which makes 83 glass. (0.3l)

190 kr per jug.
1 container with premixed slush provides 5 liters of finished slush approx 16 glass.

Fairy floss machine picture

Rent fairy floss machine

Kr 1500,- ink mva

– Spinning head: 5,5″
– Weight: 16,5 kg
– Watt 1320
– Ampere: 10

Cotton candy cones:
Per piece 1 kr


Rent our Equipment

We provide our equipment and activity leaders for both, private and business events. See our range on the activity page. We are one hundred percent mobile and can supply all the equipment to you, as long as the required equipment is available on the required date.

For prices or further information please contact us via our contact form.

Rent our Simulators

We rent out all our simulators to private and corporate events. The simulators can only be rented with our trained personnel. The equipment is approved by the Park and Tivoli Authority in 2016 and it is the best to obtain on the market.




Rent our Hawaii Equipment

We rent different hawaii equipment, hawaii furniture and palm trees. Please contact us for more information.

spiderman hoppeslott web

Rent our Bouncing Castles

You can find more about renting bouncing castle here.

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