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Have you watched the Amazing Race on TV? We have been inspired by the American TV program and have created our very own concept: The Amazing Race team building.

We own a total of 60 activities that we are able to compound together to various fun challenges. This can be stated as a perfect team building for large groups who want to strenghten their cohesion and feel the competitive spirit. You get divided into teams and all teams get a separate program as well as task sheets for the day.

Once you have completed a task you will receive an envelope containing a hint to lead you to the next post where a new challenge awaits. This concept has no limits. We can tailor the scheme by desire, activities, transportation, space and budget.
We hold many good partners, being able to support us with everything necessary: from simple good food to delicious restaurant food.
We can challenge you inside or set up posts around the area at Hinna Park and Viking Stadium.

Do you want to expand the package geographically? We have no constraints, maybe we can distribute activities to Stavanger / Sola / Sandnes?
In this case the team must get to the next record by car, boat, bus, train, taxi, limousine or maybe helicopters, nationally or internationally regarding the budget measure.

This wonderful teambuilding concept can be implemented on multiple levels.
After a good dinner, prizes are awarded and viewing images from the day given to you.

A camera team can follow the path all day and finally the film “The Amazing Race team building” appears during dinner. Like this group did:




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